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I am both happy and sad

and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be

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19 April
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name: ashley
pronouns: she/her
age: 29
birthday: april 19th
location: florida
job: early childhood educator
general about
wife. ba in psychology. child & youth program lead. dog, cat, & hamster mom. crafter.
blog contents
My journal primarily consists of my life updates which will include mentions of my work which is centered around the care of children, my animals, my hobbies, my family, current weight loss progress, and my overall well being.
I'm a happy go lucky awkward sort of human being. Derping up the world around you since 1991.
my loves
profile: revolumna

current moodtheme: snowwhitesicons
.hack series, after school nightmare, alice madness returns, alpacas, american horror story, anastasia, animal crossing, avenue q, axis powers hetalia, battle royale, care bears, cats, chris colfer, code geass, coldplay, cooking, cooking mama series, crafting, cross stitch, darren criss, degrassi: the next generation, digimon, dogs, drake & josh, durarara!!, elephants, elfen lied, fate/stay night, flcl, flow, franz ferdinand, friends, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, game of thrones, glee, glee cast, goo goo dolls, green day, hamsters, hana kimi, hannibal, harry potter, heather morris, hercules, hot gimmick, hourou musuko, howls moving castle, jigoku shoujo, journaling, jun fukuyama, kannzuki no miko, kill la kill, kingdom hearts, lady gaga, mawaru penguindrum, merlin, misfits, misha collins, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, my mad fat dairy, my neighbor totoro, namie amuro, nana, nbc heroes, needle felting, neon genesis evangelion, nhk ni youkoso, olivia, once upon a time, oreimo, p!nk, painting, paradise kiss, penguins, perler, pokemon, project runway, pullea mahou shoujo madoka, quest for camelot, rainbows, reign, rie fu, romeo x juliet, romi paku, sailor moon, samurai champloo, shingeki no kyojin, shopkins, skins uk, soul eater, spice and wolf, spirited away, spring awakening, strawberries, strawberry, super smash brother brawl, supernatural, sword art online, t.a.t.u, tengen toppa gurren lagann, that 70s show, the avengers, the iron giant, the l word, the land before time, the last unicorn, the legend of korra, the new normal, the powerpuff girls, the road to eldorado, the secret of nimh, the swan princess, toaru kagaku no railgun, toaru majutsu no index, torrance coombs, unicorns, utada hikaru, vampire night, vinyl, west side story, wicked, will & grace, wolf's rain, xxx holic

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